Cheese & wine or Port & Chocolate

Usual wine tasting can be to serious. That is why we work out (elaborate) a fun and interactive concept to discover the facsinating world of wines (sommelerie)

Participants reunited in teams compete in amical games in which they gain point until final victory. Between each tasting, we propose games (animations) like: the wine expert game, wines & cuisine trivia, did you know game? Etc...

We also offer gourmet tasting: Foie gras for the finest palates, champagne, caviar and quality spirits. "Private vintage" wines are also available.

There is nothing like Port & Chocolate after dinner! Same concept as the cheese and wine but with special Ports and the finest Belgium Chocolates like: champagne truffles, grenache, liquor chocolates...

Note that we respect every budget for ou Cheese & Wine or Port & Chocolates.